IELTS is a english language exam which is recognised now by all the universities. It is an exam which gives a holistic approach to your learning and results. It has LSRW approach and few tricks which can help you achieve your desired result.

IELTS teachers should always be well trained and knowledgeable enough to take up the challenges coming every day.

So here at Coral Institute of Languages, we provide the finest quality of training with international teachers for IELTS course in Nehru Place South Delhi and Noida, who will help you in the best possible training and teaching of IELTS coaching in the world. Our teachers are trained and certified from British Council. Ongoing vigorous training is given to all the teachers who are teaching foreign language courses at Coral Institute of Languages. Students with more than stated levels in catalogues will get free English training and other English classes in the institute.

So what are we providing at CIL's IELTS coaching classes at South Delhi:
  • Accent neutralization
  • Lexical classes
  • Grammar classes
  • Cambridge English classes
  • Special need customized classes
  • Books, CDs, practice student books and online study help.
  • Cross cultural management class free
Ielts classes, tuitions are of two different types:
  • General ielts module course
  • Academic ielts module course

We have highly appreciated teachers working with us and helping students perpetually. It is a mutual growth. If you that is our students will succeed; only then we have achievement in our hands.

General and Academic modules of IELTS course are divided into listening, speaking, reading and writing. The only difference between these two modules of IELTS course is the reading and writing parts. We have different batches for IELTS modules and in this we have free books to be given to students.

We have early morning and late evening batches for working professionals. There are special batches running for wives and school going children. We strive hard to bring best results for the desired goal.

Our experts in IELTS training academy help every student in our CIL institute to get the goal band in time. It is our track record that we are able to get more than 7.5 for every student. It is the hardwork of teachers and staff but students as well. We provide different types of IELTS courses in Noida, Nehru Place, NCR Delhi and South Delhi. We have General, Intensive and Fast track courses for the students. We have customised courses as well for those who has time constraint and need to give exam in limited time frame only.